The Ceremony and Reception

The new family (339kb) Craig and his daughter (197kb) Haylene (284kb) Kim and Mike (292kb) The silly hugging pose (331kb)
Pierre (298kb) Melanie resting her feet (219kb) The Bridal Party (293kb) Jonathon and Melanie - with Derek looking on (345kb) Heather and Josh (437kb)
Our bartender (251kb) The reception hall (243kb) Head table (198kb) Waiting to be announced (211kb) Mike, Melanie, and Damon (219kb)
Trevor and Kim (225kb) The Sandlers (198kb) Motzie (168kb) The wife and the mother-in-law (217kb) Outside (359kb)
Chatting on the patio (363kb) Cutting the Cake (267kb) The first dance (233kb) The guests (285kb)