After Dinner - Dancing and Chatting

The Hora (150kb) Circle to the left (200kb) Circle to the right (235kb) And spin (194kb) Much clapping (211kb)
And in to the middle (226kb) Spinning (237kb) And Spinning (207kb) Having fun (230kb) The other mother-in-law (206kb)
Andrew and Craig (191kb) Oliver - Dancing like a champ (168kb) Designed by Julia Morgan (247kb) Our DJ (173kb) Cutting a rug (215kb)
Re-bustling the dress (290kb) Parents of the Bride (206kb) Izzy and Sylvia (255kb) Cooling down outside (234kb) Jamie, Trevor and Jessica (249kb)
Chatting outside (309kb) Steve (252kb) Tracy and Michael (195kb) Michael and Jamie (201kb) Andrew and Michael - a blurry self-portrait (153kb)